Fine Woman

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Description: Tiffany Watson has been hearing rumors about her stepbrother's fuck-stick at college. When she gets the chance to ask Peter Skeeter to witness his hardon, Tiffany takes the chance. Cornering him in the laundry apartment, she requests to watch the groin. When Peter says no, she whips out her landing unwrap honeypot to attempt to seduce him. When Peter's father John Heavy ambles by and watches his daughter-in-law kneading at his son-in-law, he separates the 2 kids. John knows he has to discipline his daughter-in-law. He pulls her cutoffs down to slap her bottom, but once Tiffany bods out that they both like the smackings. Urging Tiffany to her knees, John pulls out his rigid spear for Tiffany to deepthroat so she can take care of her stepdaddy. Peter isn't blessed about it, but John insists that his stepson observe him smash his sister as penalty for his part in her bad demeanor. Leaning Tiffany over the washing machine, John takes his daughter from behind to the tune of her delighted screams. Then Tiffany leaps on the washing machine, which puts her at just the right height to take a insane muff screwing from her stepfather. Rising to her soles, Tiffany shrieks with delectation as John smashes her while they both stand up. Once Tiffany has been well-sated, John tells her to get down on her knees and gargle him off until he jizzes on her melons. Having taken her penalty like a fine nymph, Tiffany finds herself once again in her stepparent's great graces.