Porking for a fortnight

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Description: Aften Opal is obsessed with gaming. All she is missing is that lil microphone to chat poop to the other gamers with. But she does have the headphones, the nerdy glasses, the unhealthy snacks, and the overall slob mentality. Just kidding gamers, you are a clean plenty of! But when our boy comes thru the living apartment and observes Aften on the videogames yet again, he cannot take it anymore. He is cramming up and leaving because she is so obsessed with the games. Aften cannot stand to watch him that way, so she appeases him with her robotic charm. She coldly places his forearms on her bosoms because she knows human boys cannot fight back bra-stuffers. And with his arm rigidly planted on her nice lil' melons of fun, our man is willing to compromise. He lays down and slurps Aftens butthole while she resumes to have fun her game. She cannot take her eyes off the screen while he slams his disc inwards her playstation. I wonder what her kill to death ratio looks like while she is getting a humungous manmeat shove into her. Either way, this gamer is faithful! Do you think this gamer dame is as scorching as we do? Let us know in the comments!