Made to order

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Description: The bodacious and incredibly entrancing Dominique is looking for the flawless bespoke sundress. She wants it to fit purrfectly. It absolutely needs to hug and accentuate all her figure to amaze (and spite) her coworkers. But when you want something made to fit exact specifications, you need it done by palm. This is where Ramon comes in - prepared to provide this strenuous but eager queen with the right clothing. He runs his forearms and measuring gauze around her incredible thighs, slender waistline, and jaw-ripping off giant naturals to measure the necessary hourglass cut. Tho', strong femmes tend to have strong wishes, and no patience when it comes to having them fulfilled… As Dominique becomes more uncovered she at the same time becomes more imperious, requesting that Ramon provide more than just a plain fitting service! She's just not the type of girl you can say "no" to… What Dominique wants, Dominique gets. Ramon is just along for the rail!