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Description: Keisha Grey is on the smartphone with her bf who has to work late again, but Keisha is no blower. She knows something is up and calls him out on it, he's been hotwife on her and she'd had enough. He attempts to defend himself, but she cracks up with him, draping up the smartphone in disgust. Chloe Virgin can't help hear arguing coming from Keisha's apartment. She opens the door to find Keisha in tears. Having planned a day with him, Chloe suggests that since the day is youthful and that Keisha looks supah molten in her garment, they should take total advantage of the day and spend it together. Lying in the tub, they take in the suds, as Chloe washes Keisha's torso and plays with her udders a lil. Keisha can't help but thank her for the fauxmantic day they set up. Chloe gets lost in the moment and can't help but skinny in and smooch Keisha who looks bewildered and doesn't know how to respond. She runs out apologizing for making a error. When Chloe heads to her guest room the next day to apologize for her behaviour, the truth is, she also has a confession to make, she's a girl-on-girl and she truly enjoys Keisha. Keisha isn't sure what to say but the fact is, she's been having the same thoughts as Chloe. Chloe is loosened but also a lil' concerned because she doesn't want the friendship to get demolished. Keisha tho', isn't concerned. Smirking, she tells her that it could only go up from here. They commence smooching losing themselves in each other's mitts.