My hubby can't find out!

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Description: Cherie DeVille and her hubby are seated at the reception desk in front of a laptop, going over their bookings for the next few days. The hubby brings up that he's noticed that the wifey keeps exchanging bookings around, and he wonders why that is. His wifey liesand says she doesn't know what he's chatting about. He elaborates that it seems like she keeps moving some of their girl clientsoff his schedule and onto hers, and he doesn't understand why. Cherie attempts to persuade him that she switches bookings all the time to suit their schedules and she's sure it's just a coincidence, butthe spouse can tell that she's lounging and he embarks to get angry at her for lounging to him. Is she doing it on aim? He bets it'sbecause she's envious and she doesn't trust him alone with damsel customers because she thinks he'll loser around with them. She triesto persuade him that that's not why, but he won't listen to her, he's rampant that she doesn't trust him.